Food Supplements


Bromeslim is a significant food supplement which combines more benefits than just help in weight-loss process. Bromelain is a substance which can play an important role in the fight against joint pains, as it has strong antiinflammatory...


Bromeslim may:

  • contribute to weight loss
  • contribute to immune system boosting
  • according to multiple research studies, have antioxidant effects
  • contribute to regulation of stomach juices
  • have positive effects in cases of asthmatic diseases
  • help with joint pains


B17 is rightfully the most interesting and most highly demanded vitamin of our times, which significantly affects blood circulation. It can be helpful in cases of inflammations and infections, and simultaneously...


B17 effects:

  • boosts immune system in the struggle against tumour diseases
  • increases appetite
  • prevents DNA cells from mutation
  • reduces mortality of healthy cells subject to attacks of free radicals
  • improves metabolism of nutrients and other useful substances
  • operates as a significant antioxidant
  • prevents DNA cells from mutation


MACA is being used against chronic tiredness, lack of appetite, osteoporosis, irregular menstruation, hormonal disorders, depressive moods. It treats sexual disorders, impotence, frigidity and sterility of both men and women...


MACA generally helps:

  • Impotence of men, frigidity of women.
  • In a long-term perspective it significantly supports erection.
  • Stimulates sexual functions.
  • Increases libido.
  • Sterility (increases number and agility of sperm).
  • Has beneficial effects on prostate.


One of the most precious gifts of the “natural pharmacy” is the plant called Uncaria tomentosa. This plant, often labeled as a sacred herb of Incas or as the queen of Amazon healing herbs, is known by the name of Uňa de Gato, i.e. Cat’s Claw.


Vilcacora is recommended:

  • stomach and duodenum ulcers.
  • intestinal inflammatory diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, ulceral colitis.
  • frequent diseases of upper respiratory tract.
  • bronchial asthma.
  • cardiovascular diseases.
  • high blood pressure.