About Us

Scientific - research institute BOOS - Biological substances was established in 1991. It deals with the research of proteins, saponins, nucleotides, molecular genetics, development and production of vaccines, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, enzymes, natural dyes, natural flavors and similar substances.

For its research program, the firm receives the necessary funds by selling products manufactured on the basis of research and development carried out at the Institute.
The project was supported with EU funds: Industrial research and quality management systems BOOS - Biological substances


Our products are subject to scrutiny in the production of our skilled laboratory technicians and regular quality tests. As a result, our products are of the highest quality and safety. Production takes place in a semi-automatic way, on the premises of our company.


Our company's products can be purchased as on our site, as well as in pharmacies in several EU countries. In the event that our products have taken and should you be interested in distributing / business cooperation, please contact us on our contact information

The company holds ISO 9001 certification guarantees the quality of production processes. All our products meet strict health standards for sale across the European Union!