Q: What is REPAREX?
A: REPAREX is a hair product which restores user's grey hair to its natural colour.

Q: Is it a hair colour/hair dye?
A: No, it is not. A hair dye colours your hair from the outside but REPAREX changes the hair colour from the inside. It restores the original hair colour, just as your hair was before it became grey.

Q: How is it possible to colour the hair from the inside?
A: REPAREX does not colour your hair. REPAREX is a natural solution which utilises the knowledge we have of the underlying reason for hair going grey. It supplies your hair with an enzyme which takes the oxygen out of your hair pigment and thus enables your hair to have its own colour. REPAREX renews the natural process which was present in your hair before it became grey.

Q: Why do people go grey?
A: Our bodies produce a pigment called melanin which occurs in an oxidised, colourless form. How melanin in hair gains its colour (black, blonde, ginger etc.) is that oxygen molecules are taken out of its structure. This action is done by an enzyme called catalase which is produced in the roots of your hair. As we get older or go through stress our body produces less and less catalase to do this job. The oxygen left in the melanin leaves our hair grey. REPAREX contains an enzyme which is able to remove the oxygen from the melanin and thus restore hair to its original colour

Q: Is it true that hair colour is hereditary?
A: Sort-of; a child never inherits a hair colour but a hair thickness. Thin hair has less melanin and it is lighter – blonde; the thicker your hair is the darker it gets.

Q: Is there any chance that when using REPAREX I will end up with any colour other than my original?
A: There is no chance, you can only reach your natural and original colour.

Q: What is the correct way to use REPAREX?
A: The REPAREX bottle has a duckbill spray nozzle which helps you to apply small amounts of the REPAREX solution directly onto the scalp, to the hair roots, this also helps to wet your hair. During the first ten days we recommend you use REPAREX every day. Once your hair colour has been restored, we recommend reducing your use of REPAREX to once or twice per week.

Q: Does it mean that during this first one to two weeks I will use an entire bottle?
A: This really depends, and you may even need two bottles to reach your original colour. The amount needed on each use depends on your hair density, hair length, the length of time you have been grey, your age and other factors. Some people may need two bottles whereas for some one bottle will last for longer. The first bottle usually lasts for one to two weeks. Once you reach your natural colour you should be ok with one bottle per month. If you find you do need two bottles per month, which does not happen to everybody, you will still find it cheaper than going to a salon to have your hair dyed.

Q: I wash my hair daily, can I wash my hair immediately after applying REPAREX?
A: No, every cosmetic product needs some time to start taking action. Immediately washing your hair will not allow this to happen. As an example when using hand cream in order to moisturise your skin, you would not wash your hands immediately after applying the cream. This is what we would most recommend: REPAREX should be applied on semi wet hair (towel dried), after applying the solution wait for 3-4 minutes and then dry your hair with a hairdryer. Using a hairdryer will remove any extra solution you may have applied and will also help to speed up the entire process.

Q: Can I use a hairdryer after applying REPAREX to my hair?
A: Yes, we highly recommend you use a hair dryer after each application, it will remove any extra solution you may have applied and will also help to speed up the entire process!

Q: The next day after using REPAREX I've noticed that my nails are sometimes coloured, why is that?
A: The main action of REPAREX is removing the oxygen when oxidised melanin pigment, collagen and keratin proteins are present. The reason why your fingers can become coloured is a lack of the presence of the oxygen. We highly recommend washing your hands, nails and removing any trace of REPAREX from your sanitary-ware, furniture or anywhere you may have accidentally gotten REPAREX. If you wash any affected areas immediately, (you may only need warm water) then it should come out; if you spot stains after few hours or days it is much harder to get rid of them but in most cases bleach will help. Unfortunately once you drop REPAREX on your clothes, you will not be able to wash it off, therefore we recommend you fully cover your clothes while using REPAREX or don’t wear any at all!

Q: Is it true that REPAREX works only when applied to my hair roots?
A: Not at all, REPAREX should be applied near your hair roots to prevent a strong white line forming between coloured and grey hair but it works over the entire length of your hair..

Q: Why have you used a duckbill applicator rather than a simple spray nozzle?
A: The REPAREX development department conducted trials, tests and studies and the result of many years of testing showed that this mechanism proved to be the most efficient. A spray system touches only the hair’s surface which causes difficulties in applying the solution closer to the roots.

Q: Why isn’t REPAREX available as a gel?
A: It was found in our tests that if REPAREX was applied as a gel the user would have to wash his/her hair daily which decreases the efficiency of our product and is disliked as a daily routine by many.

Q: After using REPAREX my hair went a slight shade of red, what should I do?
A: Any red shade is a result of over applying the REPAREX solution. You do not need to do anything as it will wear off on its own within a few days. Please re-read the instruction manual which is contained in your packaging. It is stated there that a small amount of REPAREX should be used. Please continue to use REPAREX with only small amounts.

Q: I am using REPAREX and I my original hair colour is back. Am I now able to dye my hair if I wish?
A: Yes you can. REPAREX reacts to your hair from the inside unlike hair dye which works from the outside. We highly recommend you wait at least 3 months between your last use of REPAREX and starting to dye your hair. This also applies if you would like to start using REPAREX on died hair; wait at least 3 months after last dying your hair, also ensuring it is free of any colour before you start using our product.

Q: I have heard about the product called Greylet which contains ammonia. Does REPAREX also contain ammonia?
A: Not at all. None of our products contains ammonia. There are no ingredients not listed on INCI list.

Q: It is true that REPAREX is harmless? What about side effects such as hair loss?
A: REPAREX has been carefully tested according to the latest EC regulations for cosmetic products; this includes testing for heavy metal content, skin irritation and any general harm. It has also been evaluated by independent Cosmetic Product Safety Assessors. Furthermore REPAREX has also been registered at the Central Registration of Cosmetic Products in Brussels and according to its status as harmless it was released to the EU market as harmless and 100% legal.

Q: Why is REPAREX being sold in 3 variations, for men, women, and beard and moustache?
A: When we first started developing REPAREX we wanted to produce only one product – unisex. During the years of our trials and tests with volunteers it was found unfortunately unworkable. Women's hair is more fragile than men’s and it was found that in beards and moustaches there are dust mites which degrade the enzyme's activity. This is the reason why REPAREX is being manufactured with three variations, so each can be right and most effective for you.

Q: How many fragrances are being used in REPAREX and which kinds?
A: There are only certain fragrances which don't react with any ingredients in our product. Per users feedback we picked the preferred scent which is currently Mountain Pine.

Q: Can I use any shampoo to wash my hair while using REPAREX?
A: Yes, you can but to increase REPAREX efficiency we highly recommend using REPAREX shampoo.

Q: Is it true that that G-reductase causes hair loss? REPAREX also contains G- reductase. Is it safe?
A: G-Reductase causes no hair loss, rest assured that you can keep on using it.

Q: How long does one bottle of REPAREX usually last for?
A: It depends on the hair length and density. Thicker and longer hair require more solution and a longer time to achieve the desired result. If your hair is of average length (8 - 10 cm) then the first bottle should last for about 7 - 12 days but once you achieve your natural colour then with this same hair length your second bottle should last for at least 1 month. It is very individual for each person though.

Q: I used my wife's REPAREX and it worked on my hair as well. Why do you sell it in 3 different variations
A: The main ingredients which return the original colour is the same in all our REPAREX products. But we do not recommend to mix them as after some time REPAREX for men might damage women's hair as they are thinner, more fragile and finer. Therefore we have added some ingredients into REPAREX for women which are not needed for men – such as biotin, pantothenic acid, marine salt etc. These are on the other hand vital for women's hair. Same applies for REPAREX for beard and moustache where we have added other ingredients such as lanolin which removes mites from beards and moustaches which were stopping the efficiency of REPAREX as these mites consume the enzyme. This is why we produce 3 variations of the product.

Q: At my home I have two bottles of REPAREX which have expired 3 months ago. I used them and they still do the job. Is this safe to do so?
A: The expiry date is calculated with some reserve given so it doesn't mean that once this date passes our product stops working. But we do recommend you respect the expiry date and once your product reaches this date it is best to get rid of it. By using any of our products after expiry date, we can no longer guarantee the result

Q: I found one very old bottle of REPAREX on my bathroom shelf. How should I ecologically dispose of it?
A: The contents of the bottle can be flushed down the toilet. The plastic bottle and box should be recycled in your normal waste.

Q: My neighbour told me that after using REPAREX my hair will become straight and unable to curl, is this true?
A: This is not true. When using REPAREX your hair will behave as your natural hair would do. Therefore you can treat your hair as you wish, you can curl, dry, comb etc. without any problem.

Q: You mentioned that in beards and moustaches there are mites. How do you eliminate them?
A: REPAREX can do this for you as the ingredients lanolin and copper acetate have this job as you can read in the instruction manual.