Stop Hair Loss With Reparex

  • The reasons why our hair fall out are several. We have dealt with this problem and introduce the result in the form of this product.
    Reparex Hair Loss is another outstanding product of the Reparex series, which is designed for those who excessively loses hair and can help stop it.
    Ingredients have been chosen to stimulate hair follicles and improve their condition. It will help you get stronger, healthier and richer hair for longer time period.
  • The use of our product Reparex Hair Loss is very simple. Massage a small amount of product with your fingertips into the skin to the hair roots, preferably every day, or after hair wash. Do not rinse. Regular use should result in optimal results after two to three months.
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The problem of hair loss is an unpleasant phenomenon that concerns people all around the world. Causes can be of genetic origin, excessive stress, wrong diet and various other influences.

Hair root beds lose their strength due to these factors and can not hold the hair. Growth of hair is a process that takes place in the scalp during the whole life of a person.

During this process, the quality of hair beds, which produce thinner and thinner hair, is decreasing. The hair grows for 3 to 5 years, then there comes a period of peace when nothing happens with the hair.

During the period of peace a new hair is created in the hair bed, which then pushes the old hair out of the bed and takes its position. This cycle runs 10 to 20 times a person’s lifetime. The fact is these hair beds wear out over time.

Our Reparex Hair Loss product is specially developed for this case.



  • Swertia stimulates blood circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients needed for growth of healthy and strong hair. 
  • Lupinus albus – effectively inhibits 5-alpha reductase – an enzyme that converts the male sex hormone testosterone into its more active form – dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It also stimulates the activity of cells that are responsible for hair growth. It improves their condition and resistance to damage.
  • Resveratrol a natural antioxidant found in the body of some plants. It is believed that, due to its ability to block androgen receptors, it has a positive effect on multiple prevention.
  • Caffeine has a positive effect on hair growth and slows down the hair loss. In order to reach such effects, caffeine has to be applied to the surface of the scalp.

The combination of these active ingredients that complete each other makes our product unique.


The use of our product Reparex Hair Loss is very simple. Use as a regular shampoo to wash your hair. Preferably every day. Regular use should result in optimal results after two to three months.



  • Strengthens the beds of hair roots
  • Limits excessive hair loss
  • Simple application
  • Caffeine and Resveratrol
  • Contains herbal extracts from Swertia japonica and Lupinus albus