Best 5 Tips For Grey Hair

Best 5 Tips For Grey Hair

5 tips on how to effectively get rid of grey hair!

The grey hair trend is a thing of the past. It is well known that grey hair is the first sign of ageing. Therefore, mankind has always longed for and sought ways to stop ageing and look young. Statistics show that more than 50% of men and women don’t feel comfortable with grey hair because they do not consider it a sign of beauty. Fortunately, there are various ways to cover grey hair. One of them is absolutely stunning and with a naturally coloured outcome.

1. Grey hair and vitamin deficiency

Once you reach the age of 50, you will definitely have grey hair. However, silvery hair can appear at a younger age, even before the age of twenty or thirty. The cause may be medical, but more often the problem is insufficient nutrition for the hair.

In this question, Vitamin B12, which is needed for melanin production, is important for healthy hair.

Thus, if you are deficient in vitamin B12, you would have more grey hair and in addition to the unwanted ash colour, you are likely to suffer from increased fatigue, depression, anemia and elevated levels of homocysteine, which may be a harbinger of more serious diseases. What is the easiest way to supplement vitamin B12? If you are a meat lover, you will probably have enough vitamin B12. B12 is mostly found in: meat, liver, cod, eggs, milk and cheese.

You can also find vitamin B12 in spinach, but you would have to eat several plates a day. Therefore, a balanced diet, mainly rich in animal products, is essential for the production of melanin and beautiful mane.

2. Lasting colour for grey hair? 

You can get rid of grey hair effectively simply by colouring. For women around the world, hair colouring is a common beauty process. But what about men, grey hair and colouring?

Younger grades like experimenting and want to try different shades of hair colour than their own, thus also covering the grey hair.  Older age categories are more reticent about grey hair colouring.

Anyway, hair colouring at home is not a piece of cake. It is important to choose the right colour shade so that the hair is not undesirably darker and does not look like a helmet on the head. Hitting the right shade can be quite an artistic skill.

It can also happen that the colour on your hair does not absorb well and you will remain semi-grey, or the grey hair will shine through. But the major problem is when grey hair starts to grow out. Then it will be clear to those around you that your hair is coloured. Growing grey roots certainly do not add to the attractiveness.

If you want to avoid them, it is important to take regular care in the form of staining the roots twice a month. And it takes time and money. In addition, the colour can damage and dry out your hair, even if you use a gentler colour for grey hair without ammonia.

3. Instant but short effect

Another way to cover grey hair is to use products to cover grey hair instantly. 
These are sprays or spirals for grown out hair. They can be purchased in a limited number of shades and they cover grey hairs in just one step. These preparations contain a colour pigment that temporarily colours the hair.

 However, by washing the hair with shampoo, the grey hair starts to appear again. Customer reviews also say that spraying the hair colour not only colours the hair, but also the skin and everything in the area where the colouring particles get.

These products are particularly popular for quickly covering grey hair, especially in women with parting in the hair. But application to all grey hair in men? Hmm, it would probably be very laborious and especially with a "short-term" effect.

There are also so-called spirals or lipstick-shaped correctors, which are also suitable for immediate grey hair coverage. They deal with grown out hair easily and are a welcome travel companion for women. They are practical and easier to apply. Their disadvantage is the same as with sprays, they effect disappears with the hair washing using shampoo.

And you will probably see a coloured pillow in the morning after waking up. 

4. Lightening hair shade

Are you wondering what else could help to cover grey hair? There is also the possibility of lightening all the hair to a uniform grey shade. In women, it is then toned, for example to light purple or silver. But finding a shade that will flatter your style and skin tone would not be easy.

Although the hair will look uniform in colour, by lightening it, it will probably be dried. Toning has also only temporary effect and hair may obtain unwanted colour pigment. 

Maybe you dare to have hair streaked with grey. Scattered lightened strands will help the grey hair merge with the rest of the hair. It seems more acceptable for men, but it adds to the age of women.

Streaked hair also requires more care, in the form of regular visits to the hairdresser. Its disadvantage is drying and possible damage to the hair.

5. Restoring the original hair colour

Even though your hair is grey, do you know that there is a possibility that your original hair colour can be restored naturally? This is a trend that mainly men enjoy. The grey hair is gradually removed and the hair colour returns unobtrusively.

And your surroundings will not notice any sudden change or they will slowly get used to returning to your original colour. It will not be a jump from grey to dark hair. And especially the shade of hair will be your original. And it is not for nothing that it is said that everyone looks best in the hair colour that Mother Nature has given him.

 Our preparation For grey hair naturally restores your hair colour, including its shine. Grey hair will regain its original colour within a few weeks. 

Before / After using For Grey Hair treatment

chemical free hair dye for grey hair chemical free hair dye for grey hair 

Are you wondering how is that possible?

The unique and patented blend of substances in For Grey Hair activates melanin production in hair follicles. This miracle from biochemist MUDr. Sova acts gradually and the change in "colour" takes place naturally. 

Importantly, if you use the product regularly, the resulting effect will be long-lasting. 

"Hasty life and stress are behind the lack of the enzyme catalase. It is responsible for melanin adding colour to the hair. Melanin is produced by melanocites, which are found in hair follicles. As a result, its colourless form goes into the hair and the hair is grey. The active ingredients of For Grey Hair work similarly to catalase, which means that the hair regains its original colour,”
explains Oto Sova, who stands behind this great product sold worldwide.

He has successfully developed For Grey Hair for Men, also for Women and especially for moustache and beard lovers.

Thanks to the regained natural hair colour, your features and eyes will be highlighted and you will have a well-groomed and younger impression.

Uniform and natural hair colour is definitely an important factor in the overall attractiveness of both men and women.

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